Dear Jane (Eyre)…Thank You

The story of your arduous life is beautiful. Even the darkest moments add vibrant colors to the portrait of your adventures. You are a prime example of how an unfortunate soul can endure through the hardships of life and find love and happiness. You’re a role model for anyone who has ever felt she doesn’t belong. You’re an inspiration for anyone who has ever felt outcasted and misunderstood.

Jane, your patience and ability to forgive are admirable. Your confidence and willingness to stand by your beliefs are traits defined perfectly by your courageous spirit and resilience.

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When you were hurting, readers were hurting. When you were hopeful, readers had hope. When your life grew more joyous, readers felt joy and comfort. We love you, Jane, because you make us feel. You show us the strong attributes hiding within us all. You shine light on truth and make us bold.

You, Jane, are us. All of us. We are you and we feel your pain because we’ve experienced emotions so very similar. We want to reach into your story and hold that crying child because that crying child represents us. We see ourselves in that little girl misunderstood, the adolescent forced to conform, and the young lady longing for more in life than the local normality. We are you when you feel inferior to your heart’s desire.

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Thank you, Jane, for being the unforgettable character you are. Thank you for showing us how to be strong and to keep going when life seemingly destroys all hope. Thank you for sharing you innermost thoughts. Through you, Jane, we can connect. We can have hope and know that others out there feel the way we feel.

Thank you, Jane. I am eternally grateful for you.


A Fan

P.S. – Obviously, thank you to Charlotte Bronte.

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