Dear Skin…My Bad

First and foremost I must apologize for the sunburn you’re suffering from. You see, Skin, sometimes in Winter and Spring I just miss that glowing ball of fire so very much.

It felt so good to feel that heat hit you, Skin. It was exhilarating and I couldn’t bring myself to hide from the energizing rays. I wanted you to soak in that ultraviolet light and reap all the vitamins and psychological benefits.

Skin, it was all with good intention, I promise. I never meant to turn you into dry, red, flaky flesh. The pain and burning sensations with every touch are agonizing. …But I must admit…it was worth it. Am I insane, Skin?

I have an addiction…to the rays of the Sun. To the heat and warmth, it sends serenity to my soul that I crave from October through March. Oh that first taste is so satisfying, Skin. Easily I forget that you grow fair in fall and winter.

Just describing the solar power makes me crave those radiant needles.

Skin, forgive me. I mean you no harm, but when Sun returns, we will spend every waking minute submerged in sunlight.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

Skin, soon you will adjust and we will be free to soak in the rays freely, until September.

Let’s go get acclimated,


A Sun Seeker ☀️

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