Dear Past…Go

I don’t much obsess over you anymore. Thank the Lord, or whomever. I guess I’ve just got brighter things in my life now. I have a plan now. Well, not a plan. That’s laughable, I suppose. But I have dreams and goals.

And where are you? Stuck back in 2002?

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I don’t want to change you, Past. Not anymore. You’re set in stone so what good is it to pray for some change to a published book? No go backs. And that’s fine. I don’t want to go back. The future is bright.

The future might not be bright, Past. But it doesn’t matter because it’s my choice. It’s my book of blank pages. You’re already published, Past, so rot, rust, and collect dust. I’ve got some more writing to do.

Thanks for the lessons, Past. You can keep most of the memories. I’ll be making more everyday now. I’ll be moving forward instead of looking back.

Past, I won’t miss you. In fact, I’ll be glad you’re gone.

No offense, Past, I’m just moving on.


A Dreamer

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