12 Perks to Failing at Life

Falling and failing suck. It’s not always fun to make mistakes and screw up. However, it’s not always a bad thing either. Here are 12 good things about falling:

1 – It gives you a change to regroup.

Sometimes we need a slap in the face as a reminder to slow down and reevaluate our lives.

2 – You will learn about life.

The way we learn things is by sucking at them first. Everyone is a beginner at some point, so learn, screw up, and then learn some more.

3 – You will learn about yourself.

You’ll never know just what you’re capable of if you don’t go out and make some mistakes. It’ll show you what you’re made of and how persistent you can be.

4 – It adds to your own personal story.

Your story is yours alone. Keep writing those pages and falling only adds more material to your everlasting novel of life.

5 – It gives you the chance to rise up.

Just like the sun above, we rise each day and fall each night. We aren’t made to stay on top or to stay at the bottom. We rise, we fall, we rise again, and we fall again. Without the falling, the rising wouldn’t be so beautiful. Don’t fret if you’ve fallen because your moment of rising is coming soon.

6 – It might connect you with others.

One of the best ways we can connect as humans is to share our failures and shortcomings with each other. If you’ve screwed up recently, reach out and talk to others facing the same issues. You will find the strongest bonds when connecting through failures.

7 – It might give you a laugh one day.

Here’s a fairly recent crash of mine that might make you laugh:

8 – You will heal and be stronger for it.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – it’s the age old saying and it has persisted for a reason – it’s legit. When your brain and body are injured, they heal and come back more sturdy and resilient.

9 – You’ll discover what NOT to do.

If something doesn’t work out, let it be a lesson of what not to do the next time you are in a similar situation.

10 – You can use it to help others.

Not only can you learn what not to do by falling, but you can also share your experience to help others avoid making similar mistakes.

Photo by Juliano Ferreira on Pexels.com

11 – It reminds you that you are human and keeps you humble.

No one is perfect and we are often sold the false images of perfect people. Falling reminds us that we are human and we are designed to rise and fall, over and over again. If perfection is the goal then you will never succeed or be happy. Stay humble, and don’t be hard on yourself for falling because that’s exactly what you are supposed to do.

12 – It’s proof that you are living and trying.

A person who never makes mistakes probably never leaves the house or experiences the world. Life is full of screwups and beautiful disasters. With some painful falls here and there, it will lead you to more fully enjoy the good moments and successes even more.

Thanks for reading this post. Go out and try some things, screw up a few times, and smile – because you are living your life. Have a good one : )

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