12 Life Lessons from Women Aged 60-80

Awhile ago, I asked some very special women a question: If you could go back in time and give your 25 year old self advice, what would that advice be? Whether young or old, we could all learn from their advice. Here are 12 awesome answers full of wisdom and experience:

1 -BC, 82 “Forget about what others think of me and be myself.”

Don’t be afraid to be who you are just because others might disapprove.

2 – JS, 67  “Keep moving, don’t ever stop. Keep traveling.”

“Don’t ever stop.” It’s easy to get settled into something and stop pursuing adventure. Keep going.

3 – MP, 76 “Spend less time on monetary things and more time with my two sons and husband.”

Make time for the most important people in life whether those people are children, family, or friends. Spend time wisely.

4 – PA, 66 “Don’t listen to what everyone else says, just be yourself. Enjoy life and the simple things.”

“Enjoy…the simple things.” Too often we overlook the amazing things in our lives just because they are small or common. Cherish every moment.

5 – SW, 69 “Be yourself, dance in the rain, sing whenever you want, tell someone they are handsome or beautiful, have more than one pet if you like, show the world who you are.”

Life is short and it’s each and everyone’s job to make the most of what they’ve been given. Just go for it, create a unique life full of laughter.

6 – CW, 65  “Find your passion and do what you love! That means when you get up every morning you’ll look forward to the day!”

Great advice, here. Search for meaning in what you do, and find something that makes you excited for the day.

7 – JF, 68 “Listen to your mother, take her advice, don’t be too headstrong. Save as much as you can. Be true to yourself. Kindness goes a long way.”

Listen to what the older people in your life have to say. We tend to think as young adults we are smarter than everyone. Listen, and stick to your own feelings. Oh, and always be kind. 🙂

8 – MG, 70 “Don’t beat yourself up over every meticulous mistake.”

Move on, brush it off, and continue to live.

9 – MK, 70 “Trust your own judgement.”

It’s fine to listen to what the world is saying, but of course, your own judgement is important as well. Don’t do something you’re against just because others are pressuring you.

10 – CP, 63 “Listen to my gut, don’t fight intuition.”

Again, it’s fine to hear others out, but your opinion and feelings are important as well.

11 – OA, 75 “Don’t get married. Start immediately on your advanced degree.”

OA here was sending the message to pursue what you desire and not what everyone else is doing around you.

12 – CF, 73 “Marry a rich guy and don’t let him give you a prenup.”

I threw this one in here as a joke. The funniest fact about this quote is that she wasn’t kidding, she was dead serious. 🙂

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thank you for reading this post, and thanks to the women who gave me answers to this question. I hope to spread the wisdom of these amazing ladies so that, perhaps, the younger generations can learn a thing or two. Let’s work to heed their advice. Have a great day 🙂

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