Life Lessons from Last Christmas (2019)

Last Christmas (2019) is a cute romantic comedy that will make you laugh and potentially cry. I watched it because it stars an actress from Game of Thrones and because I needed something light hearted after watching a horror movie. Romantic comedies aren’t movies I normally have any interest in, but I very much enjoyed Last Christmas.

The concept of the movie is pretty deep once the twist is revealed and there are two very important life lessons to be taken from this film:

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1 – It might be said all the time, but we are seriously lucky to be alive.

Life is short and for some, it comes to an end far too soon. There’s not much more tragic than youth passing before their time. We don’t have anyway of knowing when the end is near, nor would it matter if we did.

The message is to be grateful for life and spend each day as if it could be the last. We are tiny sacks of water and bones on a life-sustaining planet revolving around a generous sun in the midst of an enormous galaxy. And there are uncountable amounts of galaxies in our universe. And how many universes are out there?

We are miracles and life is a gift.

2 – Use your life to help make others’ lives better.

Helping other people get through the day is one of the most rewarding aspects of life. We are people and we are all the same, deep down. We all want, generally, the same things – health, happiness, companionship. We’re all in this together and the quicker we know this fact, the faster we will stop discrimination and join hands in this life.

We’re not meant to be alone. Helping others is a great way to help yourself in return.

You never know what a small act of kindness can do to help someone out.

Thank you for reading this post. If you need a warm movie with some laughs intertwined, check out Last Christmas. I hope you celebrate the fact that you’re alive and I hope you lend a hand sometime soon. Thanks for being here.

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