It’s All We Know

They ask a lot of questions because questions are less harmful when a person is younger and has less to hide. The grave gets deeper with each year as more secrets fill the space below the surface. It deepens faster than I can cover. Exposed. But there are worse ways to go and less cozy places to call “home.”

Happiness is dirty feet, long work days with plenty of sleep, and a nice meal followed by something sweet. There’s a painting here of you and me, sitting quietly on the beach. In that moment we are free. You and I – free. It’s comforting, even if it’s only a dream.

We live, we die, we choose and decide. We search for what is meant by “life.” It’s a mystery and no one knows why we’re left to confide in archaic lies. The choice is yours and the decision is mine.

Just because it’s all we’ve ever known doesn’t mean it’s all we ever have to know. There’s more to see and much to show if only we can let the past go. Letting the past go is a foreign concept to most. I must admit, I struggle with it, greatly so.

Skin melting plastic, metal burning wood – trust me, I’d explain if I could. I probably should, but there’s no time. There’s never enough time. Our days are borrowed and our sun will soon die. A massive explosion of fire raining down through the sky and into our hopeful eyes.

How negative of me. I apologize. Hold your head up high.

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