This is Why You Deserve Happiness

Awhile ago I realized that the friends, pets, and family I felt I loved, truly, deep down into my soul – I loved for no specific reasons at all. I loved them just because they simply existed.

It wasn’t love because they looked a certain way, acted a certain way, or had anything in common with me. It was love simply because they were present and warmed my soul.

Many of us feel that we have to earn our love and value from those we seek it from. But true love doesn’t really rely on how we are – is exists because we are. 

Each and every individual on this planet deserves love and kindness just for existing – without having to prove him/herself, without having to start a career, and without having to look a certain way.

I would like to spread this message and personally say, “Thank you for existing,” to each and every person on this planet. 

For the world we live in, it’s hard to feel this way because there are so many lies that tell us all we must act and be a specific type of person in order to be happy and discover love. So if you are reading this, thank you so much for existing in this world. And keep existing for as long as life allows you. You deserve to be happy and you deserve love as you are right now.

Thank you for reading, and please take the time to tell those you love, “Thank you for existing.”

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