Companion of Darkness

Born after tragedy, it’s time to make a choice. One is for fun, one makes you numb. I’m proud of you. I’m proud of me, too. I made mistakes, but so did you. So who’s to blame for all the hate?

There’s something underneath the floor…it’s scratching and clawing, growling and snorting. One day the beast will break through the skin and find itself in the outside world. What then, will become of the those who doubted that soft soul?

A quarter down. Maybe less to go. Maybe more to show. No one ever truly knows. All we can do is…go. Live. Search. I write these words so I’m never alone, wherever I roam, the pages will flow. That’s the promise I made to myself. I started for you, but I’ll stay for myself.

They didn’t like how dark it was. My complaint is that it wasn’t dark enough. Darker than me is what I need to see. Lighter and free is only haunting to me. Darkness has been the theme since I was only three. I can’t forsaken it now, the only organism with me throughout it all. Tears didn’t come that night, while every previous year they were too abundant to stop. What made the difference? What stopped the annual flood from breaking the ever powerful dam?

My door is always open but my heart is always covered with bricks. A surface free to anyone with insides guarded by wolves. What will change? What will stay the same? Will darkness continue to rule the majority or will a new companion come to light?

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