Day 25 – The Guts to Get in the Car

Watching Transformers for the first time, I was thrilled when Shia’s character stood next to Bumblebee’s open door and proposed that he and his friend get in. He said something along the lines of, “Years from now you’ll wonder what happened if you had the guts to get in the car.” 

This followed an alien robot invasion and the pair considered either helping the Autobots or going on about their business. 

I always dreamed of something like this happening to me. Waving goodbye to the daily routine, I’d be heading into an unknown adventure. Each day would be different and I’d gain unimaginable experiences.

I’m still waiting. I’m tired of the work-sleep-work-sleep routine. Come on Bumblebee, come drive me away from normalcy. I’ll have the guts to get into the car. 

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