Day 42 – Digging Out of My Late-Night Hole

I want to cry sometimes

It’s not right

I’ve lost my fight

To search for life

I always tried

Too hard at times

I was never fine

Life was never mine

But here I am

Alone in bed

Thinking of the end

Without a friend

My soul will transcend

This world is damned

No life was planned

Anomalies banned

I’m more than this

The lies that exist

What matters is it

All else I’ll resist

I’m sane and I’m fit

To thrive and to live

A life out of the abyss 

And into the intense 

So it’s me without you 

Only I am true

Normal is through

Dimensions askew

I’ll find the new

Way of the few

A mindset will move

With a phase of the moon 

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