284 – Why Do Pics Still Make Me Cringe

Pictures still make me cringe

Dog asleep in the corner

She chased the laser too much

Then barbiturates down her throat

I’m learning German

My friend said that’s Nazi

But you know Hitler

He was Austrian

And he led all those people down a road

Of eternal scarring and darkness

Germany is more than WW2

Why don’t we know more about Germany

I went to Berlin in a Tony Hawk game

I shredded the city

I sounded so white saying that

I should go to Berlin for real

What to donate?

I have a broken finger

I babysit for money

Because I quit my “real job”

I hate real jobs

So boring and conforming

You have a real job?

Well good for you


You’re an adult I guess

Mom’s watching church on Facebook

I’m reading a horror comic

Before I go run

I like to run

I like being outside

Away from reality

As they say

Reality is what we make it

Isn’t it?

So why do I make it so mundane?

We make it so mundane

I looked through Yungblood’s Instagram

He seems awesome

I don’t know any of his songs

Is he heavy?

I try to stay off IG

More writing, less scrolling

Less discussing, more living

But we all falter sometimes

Don’t we?

We like television

And social media

And all things

Bad for our brains



That’s what it’s all about


The universe needs balance

Brains need balance

Bodies need balance

Souls need balance

Even this guy needs balance

He’s praying for my broken finger to heal. Get it? He’s a praying mantis. I’m so funny.

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