287 – Just Be ( Circle of Life)

Imperfection leaves room for improvement. Room for improvement leads to attempts. Taking chances leads to opportunity. Opportunities lead to answers. With every answer comes a dozen new questions. But questions lead to searches and searches lead to discoveries. Discoveries are life’s greatest accomplishments.


Rolling around with nowhere to go. No destination leaves us in contemplation of the next move to make.

Where does one go when there’s no where one has to go? No daily routine of going to points A and B so which letters do we go see? We see them all! Of course. And invent new ones, because the list of potential destinations is seemingly infinite to a human lifespan.

Life cycles souls in and out. Takes them away, then brings them back. Perfection does not exist. It’s all a circle, not a ladder. The latter is an illusion.

Imperfection is just the word for variance among souls. Imperfection means differences exist. Perfection means we’re all the same. No one wants that. That’s incredibly dull.

What we are is diverse and diversity leads us to explore our own personal path to purpose.

Sense is irrelevant. Sense is an earthly feat that has no place here, when discussing the Soulscape. See? Sense is nonsense in this situation. Try for it and you miss the point, friend.

The Soulscape is not a place, it’s a being. It’s not a destination. It’s a being. I know I already said that but I must reiterate the importance of being instead of going or doing.

The journeys add to our being. Destinations are what we do. Experiences help us be.

Being means being different, or imperfect. Being like everyone else is not being. That’s copying, which is something we do. Don’t do. Just be. That’s a truth.

The truth of being.

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