Day 40 – Thinking of Better Places

I like how when I’m gone for awhile and I’m busy and I don’t think much about that place. I like not thinking about that place. I like thinking about my own goals. I like thinking about better places.

Day 39 – We All Suck

Yeah, I suck But you suck too This town is flawed I’ve paid my dues I do my job right And follow the rules Work my ass off Like a loyal fool  I did my best Thanks for a chance But nothing changed Since I’d first left Goodbye again Goodbye for good Screw your games... Continue Reading →

Day 36 – Light and Dark

On Christmas Eve we were all packed into Dad’s car riding around and looking at Christmas lights. I was sitting in the back listening to Cradle of Filth’s version/cover of “Hallowed Be Thy Name.” I alternated between this song and watching episodes of American Horror Story: 1984.  Listening and watching pure darkness while looking at... Continue Reading →

Day 33 – Is the Deed Done?

What is our purpose other than just “being”? I am energy and I am functioning. Does that mean my purpose has been fulfilled? Was it filled before my birth even took place? If so, I should be free from the burden of finding meaning. I am here now, which means my job is done. Right?... Continue Reading →

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