288 – Perspective is Crucial

Who needs body parts and money when we have each other? Thank you for reading and please check out my current books and free downloads: Never bring fingers to a tooth fight. never-bring-fingers-to-a-tooth-fightDownload for Free Tree Leaves in Wolf's Maw: Poetry, philosophy, photography $2.99 on Amazon Static: Prelude to Evolution: Mental illness and recovery staticDownload... Continue Reading →

287 – Just Be ( Circle of Life)

Imperfection leaves room for improvement. Room for improvement leads to attempts. Taking chances leads to opportunity. Opportunities lead to answers. With every answer comes a dozen new questions. But questions lead to searches and searches lead to discoveries. Discoveries are life’s greatest accomplishments. Maybe. Rolling around with nowhere to go. No destination leaves us in... Continue Reading →

286 – Don’t be Bitter (Story)

She’s the captain With experience He was requested To be second But he wanted to be captain For the first time He thought it was His big break But no She requested him It’s bad taste To turn down a captain Of her experience So he accepted Reluctantly Angrily Hiding contempt For the woman captain... Continue Reading →

285 – Wanting to Take Back Words

A lot of songs talk about things left unsaid. There are far fewer with lyrics about saying too much, wanting to take words back. Words said. Words texted. Words written. Can’t take that back, no matter how much you regret saying or sending them. Said too much. Regret too much. Not sorry. Just bummed sometimes.... Continue Reading →

Free Book Download

A few weeks ago there was a mishap in my world. I wrote a quick story about it along with some artwork. Please check it out - it's free and doesn't include any gory pics. If you'd like to see the gruesome images, email me. Never bring fingers to a tooth fight never-bring-fingers-to-a-tooth-fightDownload

280 – How to Light a Soul on Fire?

Soulscape focuses on what we DO instead of what we have. It searches for enlightening experiences and not objects. This little guy looks enlightened. He also looks slightly annoyed. In this aspect we can really learn from animals or small children. They want their basic needs met and other than that, they just want to... Continue Reading →

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