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the Horseshoe Crab Will Teach You About Life

The ocean provides the world with alluring and interesting creatures of all shapes, sizes, and classifications. The Atlantic Horseshoe Crab is one of these odd and fascinating species found in and near coastal waters. Here are 10 facts about this unique arthropod of the… Continue Reading “the Horseshoe Crab Will Teach You About Life”

12 Quotes From Captain Marvel That Will Make You Think

Captain Marvel was a great installment to the MCU with the 90’s nostalgia and a great backstory to a powerful character. Though full of humor and smiles, several lines from the movie are deep and thought-provoking. Here are the top 12 quotes from Captain… Continue Reading “12 Quotes From Captain Marvel That Will Make You Think”

Q&A Throughout Life

Insanity has been the result of years of searching for answers to my questions. At this point, I’m not even sure answers would help. Maybe the answers aren’t the problem. Maybe I should ask different questions. Maybe I should enjoy asking the questions. Perhaps… Continue Reading “Q&A Throughout Life”

12 Habits We Should All Adopt

There’s no doubt that life has its moments of peril for each of us. We all have our ups and downs, but life overall doesn’t have to be a war. Here are 12 simple habits that can lead you on your way to living… Continue Reading “12 Habits We Should All Adopt”

This is How We Benefit From All Animals

Each animal in nature is a textbook of information all in itself. There’s much to be learned from these creatures if we take the time to slow down and observe. Most of us see small birds and bugs several times throughout the day and… Continue Reading “This is How We Benefit From All Animals”

Our System isn’t Wired for People with ADHD

Who created this system that says we HAVE to do certain activities eight hours each day? Some people fit into that mold, yet others never will. The answer often given to those that don’t fit the standard, “Sit still and read for 8 hours… Continue Reading “Our System isn’t Wired for People with ADHD”

My Goal is Freedom

The goal is, and always was, freedom. Even in the days of middle school spent in tears knowing I shouldn’t have to spend so much time in a place I didn’t belong – deep down I was just craving freedom, though I didn’t understand… Continue Reading “My Goal is Freedom”

12 Alternatives to Anger Outbursts

The monstrous beast of anger is not a force that can always be avoided. After all, we’re only human, and anger is a natural emotion. A lot of us bottle anger up until we head straight into a breakdown when it all comes crashing… Continue Reading “12 Alternatives to Anger Outbursts”

This is Why You Are The Sun

Metaphors for human life exist all throughout nature – if we take the time to observe and compare. Seeing the parallels between your life and the lives of creatures and natural phenomenons all throughout the universe will help you feel connected to something greater… Continue Reading “This is Why You Are The Sun”

12 Quotes From ‘Jane Eyre’ That Will Make You Think (Part 2)

Thank you, Charlotte Brontë, for creating a masterpiece full of wisdom. Here are 12 lines from Jane Eyre that provide incredible life lessons: “The charm of adventure sweetens that sensation, the glow of pride warms it; but then the throb of fear disturbs it;”… Continue Reading “12 Quotes From ‘Jane Eyre’ That Will Make You Think (Part 2)”