Day 92 – Stalking Hawk

There’s a hawk hanging around  Hunting his handsome prey Stalking without a single sound Watching it all the way

Day 86 – We Fall for Every Lie

It’s all a game to them. People’s lives, people’s well-being - it’s not their concern. It’s a super massive board game and we’re all just expendable pieces of cheap plastic. You say your candidate is better, but they’re all the same. They are rich, high and mighty on a golden mountain making moves in the... Continue Reading →

Day 83 – The Angler Fish

The angler fish Uses its light To lure fish Into its sights Your room is cold But warm to me You are a light In this dark sea Are you tricking? Using your light To pull me in Where I can’t fight  Eat my soul It’s okay  At least I had You for a day ... Continue Reading →

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