Twelventures #1: At Home

ButterCup Alley:
Flowers are pretty. 
Some say flowers smell nice. 
Whatever natural beauty the flowers possess
is nothing compared to what they represent
What is a flower but a promise of Spring?
With warmer weather and dying disease
Upcoming storms followed by ease
Soon to see summer and a soul set free
What is a summer but time of freedom?
Soaking in a sun filled kingdom
People flocking to oceans and beaches
Vacations taken by those who need em
Rest is too often forgotten
In a world where lazy also means rotten
Overworked and much downtrodden
In desperate need of peace and calm concoctions
What is peace but a little silence?
Away from all our daily violence
Depressing news eagerly recited
Mute the sounds and rest the eyelids
The boisterous noise of normality 
Turns hidden anxieties into reality 
We put faith in all these fallacies
Artificial in upmost propriety
Conforming will keep us safe
From deviations leading to hate
We strive to make others think
That we’re the same in every way
What is unique is seen as bad
Differences aren’t to be had
They shun and shame the mad
ashamed when they should be glad
What varies is unstable and wise
Society needs us to be blind
It will quickly collapse otherwise
Filled full of those with free minds
Will a free mind not flourish?
Allowed the growth to adore it
Without the norm to destroy it
And the weeds to ignore it?
Leaving it be will allow for expanse
Letting a flower morph and advance
Rise up in the sun and progress
Do exactly what the others can’t
Each flower grows a unique design
None are the same, all are divine
Creating a blanket of beautiful life
Inspiration and leaving a sign
What is a flower but a sign of Spring?
A promise of the purity it brings
Rainwater falls, storms come and leave
Leftover is a colorful field of dreams
Flowers represent human growth and power
Human diversity, adversity with each shower
Flowers flourish and never cower
A sign of humanity is the pretty flower
 Whatever beauty the flower may possess
Is nothing to the power it of what it represents
Will Work For Pool:
Cleaning is hard labor
but it’s worth the swim later.
Cackle Laugh and Splash
Summer is best
because I get more time with you.
You are the sun
the earth
and the truth.
Your laugh is toxic
and comical to the point of tears.
Your wonder is peacefully indicative of your childhood years.
This is for you, all this work
just for you.
One day soon
hard work will be through.
Then all that’s left
will be me and you.
If Foundation is Truth
Is this our future? So bland and dry
More dull history to ruin the eyes
Millions of worlds, trillions of minds
Still not enough to truly know why?
What is the point of political lies?
The bigger picture is that we all die
Money and society to hide behind
Galactic wars and genocide
Nothing changes in this life
People are the same old kind
Add technology and new fights
A thousand years still dead inside
Empires and kings keep their rule 
No one is free, most are cruel
The poor and the rich, a constant duel
There’s just no hope for us fools
Hidden Agendas
Lawless Laws
No Redemption
Flawed Society
We are nothing more.
Lime Green Slender Snake:
Your firm form and stoic
I won’t get too close
To scare you away
I only want a glimpse
Of your mesmerizing face
What are you, little snake?
Something to be feared?
Or a momentary escape?
Come closer, little friend
I’ll soon go away
Your beauty is haunting
Our meeting is fate
So still and silent
With grace you stand
No need for violence
I’m an honest fan
Listening to Scared to Death:
Curse you
For being so intriguing
Curse me
For being so curious
I cannot sleep
The ghost
Might get me
Misfit Wolf Pack:
All of us have lost so much.
The first was a runt and chosen in pity. The second was dumped and pushed away.
The third had the most difficult past of all. She was thrown from a car and left for dead. She found the Misfit Wolf Pack and now she is one of us.
So is her newly born pup.
Join us. Or leave us to be.
We are one and we are free.
Snakes and Shadows:
Tree branches cast sleek shadows
 from the setting sun 
creating black masses 
like snakes all over the gravel road. 
Sometimes the shadows 
really are snakes, though. 
Who would have guessed? 
Am I a shadow 
or a snake? 
I’m just a passerby 
with too much experience 
with both. 
I stay on the go. 
I jog my pace 
and flaunt my flow. 
Everyone knows. 
They don’t wave anymore, 
like me, they just go. 
We’re all sick and tired 
of snakes and shadows. 
Cursed to Run:
Running on gravel and dirt
makes one’s bare feet hurt
Cursed to run.
Sometimes it’s fun.
It’s always refreshing to sweat
under the sun.
Run, run, run,
until I come undone.
When it rains
It Pours
When I’m down
It rains more
No sun
Lots of war
The next day
It might rain
But I’ll rise
Through my pain
The rain
leaves its mark
The roads are mud
My gloomy heart
But I walk
In the water
I won’t fall
I won’t falter
I’m down
But not out
The rainwater
Leaves no doubt
The Snail:
I delivered him
To an irreversible fate
Long overdue
He’s approaching that age
It broke my heart
To lead him astray
Until I saw the snail
Crossing in my way
Distraction? Perhaps
Unknown origin
First encounter, yes
Releasing endorphins
Swirly, soft shell
Slow moving, sluggish
Hide from these eyes
Your presence abundant
Adore it
Don’t touch it
Snap it
Observe it
Leave it
Sent it
Search it up
Never see it again
Goodbye, new friend
Be like the cats and do nothing but nap. Work and work, it’s all we know.
For if we fail to work our lack will show. What’s to do but never sleep, never rest? Humans cannot rest until death. Misconceptions are such beliefs.
We are only human
and we much need sleep
I Buried a Body:
I buried a body and unearthed a box
Drenched in mud inside and out
I sliced open the shell
Dumped out the past
Ripped it up
Sent it to the trash
That’s not me anymore
Thank the lord
I won’t go back
To that state of mind
To that life of mine
Cursed and despised
A different time
Darker days
Now I’m wise
Never the same
I’ve seen the light
I’ve seen the meaning
I destroyed the plight
Now I’m dreaming
Loving day and night
Now I live
Now I fight
Now I know
I am alive
A misguided soul six years ago
Much can change with time
Time passing is a heart healing
Time passing is eyes seeing the truth
Time passing is gaining wisdom
Time is always on the move
As is time, must so be the mind
Always moving, growing wise
Never die, soul of mine
You are indestructible 
You have survived
Who I was is always kind
Who I am is still divine
The universe so far and wide
There’s no place for wasted time
A buried box
A buried life 
An unhealthy way
That had to die
I was lost
I’m always lost
Lost is life
Lost is right
Now I know the truth
The search is ongoing
But I’ve learned my core
The knowledge is pouring
Values will persist
The basics are stone
My heart can resist
The lies that show
The girl who buried this box
She needed a guide 
I’m so very relieved 
I found my tribe
Some came and went
Others still here
All were years well spent
Through blood and tears
This box reminds me
Of what I left behind
I’m never going back
I’ve found new life
There will be no burning
No ceremony
Nothing significant about this old way
I’ve made peace 
I’ve moved on
I still struggle
But I have won 
That war is history
So very long ago
No pyres necessary
No burying of bones
Just thrown in the trash 
Where other forgotten stuff goes
Oh little twenty
A lifetime ago
If only you knew
How awesome you’d grow
I buried a body and threw out the past
I paid no mind to that ancient trash

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Dear Sun…Stay

When you are gone for days at a time my spirits fall. I find no motivation for life itself other than eating and sleeping. It’s in these long stretches of sunless sky that I remember how much I love to see and feel your power.

You give me life, Sun. You remind me of what life is about. You take me back to those careless summer days when I was a child free of burden and experience. I want to run in your rays eternally and let the heat sink deep into my cold soul.

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

Sun, you heal me. You take the icy darkness out of my blood and replace it with warmth and serenity. You loosen up my rigid muscles and move me to explore the Earth with you watching over from above.

Sun, you lead me to the water where my mind and body feel at peace. Your rays shimmer and glisten on top of the lakes and seas, creating crystals of radiant light that enrich my spirit. The liquid conducts the heat into my skin, penetrating the jagged edges of the stone walls that guard my heart. The warm water floods my bloodstream and washes away the pain of the past.


Don’t you see, Sun? I need you to come and stay. Sleep at night while Moon protects the Earth, but don’t leave me for days at a time. This world cannot live without you, Sun. We need you to stick around. I will send endless love up to you until the end of my days here. I will meditate on your strength and power. I will soak in every second of your glorious reign.

My soul was born from you, Sun, and in you it is rejuvenated. I am your child. Thank you for allowing us to orbit within your holy territory.

Please, Sun, come back to me soon. Don’t let the gaseous clouds hide you any longer.


A Child of the Sun

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3 Insights from The Harbinger (Jonathan Cahn)

The Harbinger by Jonathon Cahn is a story that connects the events of 9/11 to ancient Israel. It supports the idea that America is soon to fall under judgement from the Christian God unless the country repents and recognizes the deity as the one true savior.

I’m going to throw out a disclaimer that I was given this book but that I always read with an unbiased mind. I’m not going to voice an opinion on whether or not I believe the information in this book to be legit because that’s honestly not how I viewed the text. I saw it as an opportunity to learn about people and life in general.

So with that being said, here’s what I learned from The Harbinger:

Photo by Bryan Gomes on

1 – Believing is seeing.

Connections can typically be found or made if a person happens to be searching for them. The deeper you start digging, the more stuff you’ll find. After a ton of facts are unearthed, you will naturally find connections because that’s what you’re looking for.

If you believe something is true with all your heart and soul, then everywhere you turn you will inevitably see signs of validation.

Hey, sometimes I completely believe connections are legit. I’m not denying that. I’m just saying that if you desperately want to see proof that what you feel is reality, you’re going to find proof.

Our minds are beyond powerful. There’s nothing wrong with that. We just have to be prepared to face the facts that not everyone will see the same connections that we see.

Photo by Ian Panelo on

2 – Work on treating the underlying causes instead of the symptoms alone.

A lot of issues in our bodies, souls, relationships, etc. go way deeper than the surface symptoms. On a larger scale, the problems in our country also have more meaning than just the backlash and hatred we see everyday.

Whether the deeper meaning is God giving warnings, insecurity, money or stress, don’t take disparities lightly. Evaluate and take a step back. Ask yourself, “What’s really going on here?”

Illnesses of any kind should be viewed in the iceberg format. We only see the tip, but there’s a mass of causes below the surface.

Find the underlying causes or you’ll never be free of the issue.

Photo by Pixabay on

3 – Telling stories is an effective tool to spread messages.

Most of us won’t read an informational text on describing similarities between ancient Israel and modern America. But it’s easier to reach more people if the book is a narrative – a compelling story packed with mysteries.

Because of the story format, the information likely made its way to hundreds more people than if Cahn had written a formal essay.

Throughout the ages, from poems and epics to fairy tales and fables, stories have provided an intriguing method of spreading messages to the masses. Stories preserve history, provide moral lessons, and entertain creative minds.

Never underestimate the power of a well written story.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on

In the end, The Harbinger taught me that believing is seeing, underlying causes should be evaluated, and that stories help get messages out into the world.

On a historical note, I also learned a bit about George Washington and that first presidential inauguration. I wonder what George Washington would think about the world today. 🤔

Thanks for reading this post and let me know what you think about The Harbinger.

Have a good day, go learn something.

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This is What Tony Hawk Video Games Taught Me About Life

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was one of my first video games for my Nintendo 64 back in the early 2000s. The game let the player be the skater. The games kept coming, each new version with a bit more features than the last and with original storylines of “making it” as a legit professional skateboarder.

Photo by Zachary DeBottis on

There is one major life lesson I learned by playing all of these Tony Hawk skating video games:

When you don’t know what you’re doing, you just have to jump into the air and try different things until you figure something out.

Literally, this was my method for every game until I figured out what each button did separately. But in all seriousness, this is good life advice.

Most of us have no clue what we’re doing – in careers, relationships, or life in general. Many make the mistake of trying to “fake it” and pretend to know what’s going on and others are too afraid to ever step outside of their normal bubble.

Instead, how about trying to live life like a Tony Hawk Pro Skater game? Go out and screw things up, try something new and completely suck at it, or attempt everything in sight until an activity clicks with your soul.

Photo by Mong Mong on

The more you go up in the air and experiment with buttons, the more you’ll learn and grow as a person. Or in life terms – the more leaps of faith you take, the more your skills and experiences will augment your soul.

You’ll never know what your true passion is until you experiment with all kinds of pursuits. In the end, there’s going to be that one or those few moves in life that just feel so perfect. Those moments when you think to yourself, “This is exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.”

That’s what Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater taught me – try out everything and eventually something is going to make sense.

On a musical note, THPS also accustomed me to a lot of old punk music. I still love punk music, twenty years after this video game. Thanks, THPS.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope you go out and press all the buttons there are to be pushed on your heart – because then, maybe you’ll find where you’re supposed to be.

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Dear Jane (Eyre)…Thank You

The story of your arduous life is beautiful. Even the darkest moments add vibrant colors to the portrait of your adventures. You are a prime example of how an unfortunate soul can endure through the hardships of life and find love and happiness. You’re a role model for anyone who has ever felt she doesn’t belong. You’re an inspiration for anyone who has ever felt outcasted and misunderstood.

Jane, your patience and ability to forgive are admirable. Your confidence and willingness to stand by your beliefs are traits defined perfectly by your courageous spirit and resilience.

Photo by Victor Freitas on

When you were hurting, readers were hurting. When you were hopeful, readers had hope. When your life grew more joyous, readers felt joy and comfort. We love you, Jane, because you make us feel. You show us the strong attributes hiding within us all. You shine light on truth and make us bold.

You, Jane, are us. All of us. We are you and we feel your pain because we’ve experienced emotions so very similar. We want to reach into your story and hold that crying child because that crying child represents us. We see ourselves in that little girl misunderstood, the adolescent forced to conform, and the young lady longing for more in life than the local normality. We are you when you feel inferior to your heart’s desire.

Photo by on

Thank you, Jane, for being the unforgettable character you are. Thank you for showing us how to be strong and to keep going when life seemingly destroys all hope. Thank you for sharing you innermost thoughts. Through you, Jane, we can connect. We can have hope and know that others out there feel the way we feel.

Thank you, Jane. I am eternally grateful for you.


A Fan

P.S. – Obviously, thank you to Charlotte Bronte.

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3 Food Fight Insights

It’s episode six of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1, and Rita sends down what might be the most bizarre looking creature yet. Try to imagine a giant pig head about the size of a living room recliner. Now stick two little legs on the bottom and you’ll have Finster’s latest creation. In his defense he does describe it as, “Not my best work.”

Can you guess what evil power the pig has? It eats. It eats all food in sight and Zordon predicts it will eat the entire food supply on earth in two days. That’s true terrorism. 😳

Here are three life lessons from “Food Fight”:

Photo by Chan Walrus on

1 – Help out your local community

The Rangers are spending their day working at a fundraising event to raise money for the daycare and children’s center.

Having a sense of community and helping our neighbors out is a dying concept these days. Having pride in where we live isn’t as fundamental as it once was. As a result, we are losing the bonds that once held communities together.

Make your town better, make it more functional and accommodating by lending a hand from time to time. In the long run, it will enhance the lives of everyone in the area. It will create a dynamic group of people who strive to help one another.

Photo by Pixabay on

2 – Food is an effective way to make money.

One thing that everyone loves is food. Of course we all have our personal preferences and pickiness, but a good food product is likely to draw in more people than other types of fundraising items.

I’m no marketer or business entrepreneur, but I know that I buy way more food than anything else. So if you need some quick funds, sell some candy bars.

Photo by Pixabay on

3 – Find a weakness in a seemingly unstoppable foe.

There’s a giant pig head running around eating everyone’s food. He even eats the Rangers’ power weapons. What’s their next move?


The Rangers take a look at the scene of destruction left by the pig and notice an invaluable piece of evidence. Because they take the time to assess the pig’s trail, they end up using the information to stop the madness. (They noticed the pig avoided spicy food, so they fed him secretly spicy food. Genius.)

If there’s anyone or anything out there that you can’t seem to beat – find a weakness. Observe and see where things don’t add up. Watch for inconsistencies. Take notes and make a plan to use that weakness to win.

Photo by mali maeder on

Seriously, go Google this pig monster. Aside from the comical creature, “Food Fight” also gives us the advice to help out in our community, use food to raise money, and find weaknesses in opponents.

On a medical note, if you’re nauseous, go lay down. Don’t stalk teenagers and then get angry at all the food and send a pig to eat it all. Geez, Rita.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your food today and be grateful a giant pig head hasn’t stolen it.

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3 Humanity Tips from The Island of Doctor Moreau

Published in 1896, The Island of Doctor Moreau is a creepy look into a world of genetically modified creatures. A man stranded after a shipwreck is rescued by a ship headed for a secretive island. Once on the island he quickly figures out the identity of his host and the sickening experiments going on in the ‘House of Pain.’

There’s much to learn about life from a book that speaks of…altering life:

1 – Don’t mess around with nature.

There’s probably a reason swine and hyena’s aren’t able to mate naturally in the wild. Nature should just be taken for the beautiful mystery it is instead of trying to alter and modify the creatures of the earth. Cruelty and a complete disregard for living things come into play during this book and it’s not something anyone should attempt.

“These creatures I had seen were the victims of some hideous experiment.”

Chapter 11
Photo by Pixabay on

2 – Hope makes us human.

What separates the other creatures of the animal kingdom from humans? Here is an insightful quote from Chapter 22:

“…whatever is more than animal within us must find its solace and its hope. I hope, or I could not live.”

Chapter 22

Hope gives humans something to hold onto during suffering. It separates us from other creatures of the earth and it’s a gift. Finding hope is the way to survive when everything appears to be falling apart.

Photo by on

3 – Your cruelty will come back to haunt (or eat) you.

If you cause tortuous pain to another creature, you better be prepared for the day that creature gets a chance to pay you back for the pain you’ve caused. This doesn’t just literally refer to physical torture – it also applies to mental abuse.

There’s absolutely no reason for cruelty. One day those who have been terrible to others will have to pay for their monstrous behavior. No one is above the law. No one is above nature.

Thanks for reading. The Island of Doctor Moreau is a dark story, but I’m glad to have learned three things – hope makes us human, don’t mess with nature, and cruelty will not go unpunished.

On a skeptical note, I learned that sketchy activities might be happening on private islands. I wouldn’t know, because I can’t afford a private island.

Have a great afternoon and I hope you never end up on an island full of genetically modified crossbreeds.

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Dear Hero…You’re a Villain

There’s absolutely no one in the world with as much power over me as you. I’m not an easily influenced person, so what makes you so special? Why does my heart yearn for your acceptance and crave your undying attention?

Photo by Pixabay on

Hero, it’s maddening. Psychological exploration can’t explain the obsession anymore. I’m not the little kid I used to be, so why do I still see you, Hero, wherever I go? Why do you haunt my dreams and pierce my skin with tattoos of your memory? My curse is that I’ll never forget you.

Hero, you’re definitely no hero. All those years I was blinded and was forced to learn the truth the hard way. Yet you still have a secure spot in my heart, no matter how much I try to destroy that dark room.

You looked like a hero, Hero. You had the cape and the power, but unfortunately you also had the mask to hide your true identity. I saw that mask and fell in love with the idea of its ability to save me. For once in my life, I had found the answer to my endless longing.

As with all heroes, eventually the mask came off. It fell to the floor and shattered along with my broken heart and spirit.

Hero, you are the villain of my darkest memories and nightmares. Whenever I think I’m free, you creep back into my thoughts and turn me into a weaker, former self.

I will find a way to release the hold you have on me, Hero. You don’t own me. Not anymore. In time, I will forget you…and I will be free.


Someone Who Can Now Stand on Her Own

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3 Key Lessons from Different Drum

Episode five of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers gives us a glimpse at some great 90’s hip hop dance moves. We also see how Billy lacks all of these moves when he crashes into a wall. We even get a comical dance battle between Zack and Bulk.

Seeing all this dancing gives Rita the idea that she can use music to destroy the Power Rangers. Rita gives instructions to make a monster, “like a pied piper, only meaner.” Finster creates a viking monster playing an accordion to lure a few girls off to a cave where they’ll dance forever? I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

Here are three life lessons from “Different Drum”:

Photo by Immortal shots on

1 – Be quick to help out.

When a girl goes to Jason for help to get her friends out of hypnotic dancing, he immediately hops up and heads out. He gets his team and they go to the cave right away.

They don’t make excuses or stall, they don’t say, “Maybe later.” They just go. Selflessly and urgently, they set out to save the prisoners.

Most often people are too caught up in their own lives to stop and lend a helping hand. We use the typical excuses like, “I don’t have time,” or, “I couldn’t do anything to help anyway.”

The world would be a better, safer place if we all acted like the Power Rangers and responded to a cry for help with, “Let’s go.”

To quote Jason exactly he says, “I feel a rescue coming on!”


2 – Music is powerful.

Music probably isn’t going to draw a group into a cave to dance under hypnosis, but it is a powerful factor. Music makes us feel. Rita noticed music in the first place because of the powerful impact it had on the kids she was creeping on.

We have songs filling up our playlists for times of sadness and times of joy. We play songs when we feel in love or when we feel hate. Music keeps us from feeling alone. We connect across lyrics to know others out there are going through similar struggles.

Music keeps us alive, both physically and mentally.

Photo by Stas Knop on

3 – We have much to learn from those different than ourselves.

The main girl, Melissa, in this episode is deaf and speaks in sign language. This is also why she wasn’t hypnotized by the hissing accordion music played by the viking creature.

At the end of the episode, Melissa teaches Jason some sign language and motivates Billy to try dancing again. Zack makes the comment that they can learn a lot from this girl.

Whether deaf, a foreign race, a unique religion, or anything you don’t experience in people often, know that those people have much to offer. On both sides we can teach each other about life by getting to know one another across all diversities.

Photo by ATC Comm Photo on

“Different Drum,” in all it’s oddities, gives us the advice to always help out those who ask for help, use music because it’s powerful, and learn from those different than us.

On a less serious note, it’s always a good idea to get some soda and ice cream after winning a battle. That’s the proper way to celebrate a victory.

Have a nice day, thanks for reading, and go check out some 90s hip hop videos. Moves.

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4 ways The Time Machine will Make You Think

H.G. Wells published The Time Machine in 1895. This is an interesting view of what our future could potentially look like in thousands of years. What’s even more amazing is that this man wrote this over a hundred years ago, before humans had invented most modern technologies.

Here’s what I learned about life from reading this short novella:

1 – Technology could be our downfall as a race.

Even before iPhones and Siri, H.G. Wells knew that technology had the potential to make us generally lazy as a race. Now in 2020, it’s easy to see the perspective. If we let technology do everything for us, we won’t have any need to lift a finger. We’ll grow weak and lose creativity and intelligence.

“Strength is the outcome of need; security sets a premium on feebleness.”

Chapter 4
Photo by Tranmautritam on

2 – Fighting for life and prosperity is what keeps us going.

If everything’s made easy, what are our reasons to fight and pursue greater good? This brings up a good question – is it better to have an easy life and grow frail, or to have a tough path that strengthens the mind and body?

“Hardships and freedom: conditions under which the active, strong, and subtle survive and the waker go to the wall; conditions that put a premium upon the loyal alliance of capable men, upon self-restraint, patience, and decision.”

Chapter 4

“For after the battle comes Quiet Humanity.”

Chapter 4

3 – Who decides what is impossible?

We have physics and other sciences that attempt to explain the universe, but most things are theoretical. Who gets the power to decide what is possible and what’s not in the reach of the human mind?

Don’t give up. Ignore those who say anything is impossible.

“‘Why not?’ said the Time Traveller.

‘It’s against reason,’ said Filby.

‘What reason?’ said the Time Traveller.”

Chapter 1
Photo by Johannes Rapprich on

4 – We are constantly time traveling.

“We are always getting away from the present moment. Our mental existences, which are immaterial and have no dimensions, are passing along the Time-Dimension with a uniform velocity from the cradle to the grave.”

Chapter 1

We think about the future and the past far more than we consider the present moment. The abstract idea of our consciousness spends its time mostly in the past or future. So if you think about it, we really time travel all the time.

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on

The Time Machine is a great read and it definitely gets the mind wondering about life. Something written in the 19th century taught me that technology could be our downfall, a hard life keeps us sharp, anything is possible, and our minds truly time travel constantly.

On a less serious note, I learned that if you travel to a year in the 8,000’s, don’t leave your time machine unguarded. Ravenous cannibals will probably steal it.

Thanks for reading this. Have a great day, be nice, and try to learn something.

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