Day 97 – Promised Myself

I want to talk to you right now, but I promised to stop. Less is more. I have to detach myself. What would I even say if I could send a message? There’s nothing to say - nothing of importance anyway. Nothing relevant. It’s just talking. Rambling. Because I crave a response. Any response makes... Continue Reading →

Twelventures #5: ABC’s of Society

American avariceBenevolent betrayalCorrupted contagion Deception derailed Eruption explodesFar from freedom Gluttonous greedHellish heathens Ignorance is idolJudicial justice Killing kryptonite Loathing lay luscious Makeshift MorbidityNo nonsense noises  Operation outsidePermeating poisonQuantum quicksilver Radiation reeking Silent sanctum soaring Titanium teething Uranium underVehicular vaporWatching with Wonder

Twelventures #4 – Back Road Bike Rides

TANTRUM:We circle a massive hot sunA bright ball of gas and fire A star of light and energyAren’t we so very lucky?They circle an invisible massA giant hole of endless blackA monstrous scar on the mapWith copious Hidden power We get warmth while they freezeThe light showers our soil and treesWhile they are engrossed in diseaseWe are... Continue Reading →

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