This is Why Kids are Smarter than Adults

Kids are less educated, less developed, and less experienced than adults. Yet, they are far more intelligent. Here are 12 reasons why: 1 - Children have no concept or concern of money. Money is all we worry about as we grow up - we want more, we never have enough, we think we deserve more,... Continue Reading →

A Cycle of Lost and Found Hope

I give upI am done Let me goNo more hopeSo tiredNo desireLet me hide I lost the fight Dirty nails digging into blackened skinRusty nails hammered into bones so thin Where do we start, where do we begin?A tired soul is ready for the end Turn the tide and make it rightThis might be my last chance to tryI grow... Continue Reading →

Fireworks Give My Dogs Anxiety

Drain the ocean to discover the beasts belowWhat swims in the deepest of trenches, no one knows Maybe we’re not meant to make everything known When we have all the answers we will be aloneHappiness is one thingAnd content is anotherAre both lives possible?Or are we cursed to wonder?Be a bright star in a sea of shadeA... Continue Reading →

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