Day 49 – You Stay, I Go Forward

I’m trying to make things better and put life in a more positive perspective. It’s a hard process and it takes time. It also opens up my eyes as to who is not going to be coming into the positive life with me. Some people have to get left behind. They aren’t ready for this... Continue Reading →

Day 48 – Losing a Friend

I made a mistake and I admit it I should have quit it And taken what was given Because now I’m missing And no words are fitting The messages aren’t sendIng The friendship is ending But I was only kidding You’re tired of my mess I go too far, I confess I’m crazy and I’m... Continue Reading →

Day 44 – A Torch of Light

This place is like a dark, lightless cave with no end in sight. I wander around numbly and do what I must to survive. But that’s all it is - surviving.  When you came, it was as if someone handed me a torch. The torch doesn’t show the way out, but it provides a sliver... Continue Reading →

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