Day 146 – Scalpel from Amazon

Surgery on myself I like the pain The bloody smell It fascinates Freedom Tank Always Searching Rash Guard Sunset Tee Freedom Tank Always Searching Rash Guard Sunset Tee Snow Day Backpack

Day 15 – Bloody and Desensitized

We become desensitized to the tragedy. Nothing shocks us anymore. We’ve grown used to the murders and attacks of terror. In fact, we expect madness to come in swarms of destruction. There was a lot of blood. To be fair, there’s always a lot of blood on the floor when the deed is done. Lately,... Continue Reading →

Not the Same Wants or Blood

We’re all equal But not all the sameWe’re growing similarWe’re becoming disdain Different is beautiful Diversity is wiseNow the collectiveMelts into our minds I know what I wantAnd hate what I needDespite the long yearsYou’re all I can seeIs this a disease?A tortuous evilHaunted by memoriesOf love unequal Could it be you?Could I be right?What I feel Is never wiseIf I... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons to Be like Blood

Blood is a life force for all animals. It keeps us going. We are human and we should all strive to be like blood. Be the blood. Here are 5 reasons why: Photo by Pedro Figueras on 1 - Blood circulates. Blood moves around and goes from place to place constantly. It explores the... Continue Reading →

Sun, Summer, Dying Plants and Bike Crashes

Sleeping without alarmsWearing PJs all dayNowhere to goNo work and all playThe life is summerIt’s the life we needLaid back and lazyNo fights, no greedShe watered the plants but everything diedWhat does it take for a seed to survive?She loses motivation every timeIs there a cure to keep hope alive?My blood’s all over the pavement There’s... Continue Reading →

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