Day 5 – That Busy Road

The road is busier than usual today and each driver appears to feel the urge to speed faster than the last. There were days when I would only witness one single truck slowly trekking down the road early in the morning and again before noon. Baxter had coffee with his sister every morning. Then the... Continue Reading →

One Day

Ani in the car seatMeat stuck in my teethSwollen and red feetNo physical activity Hands smell like burnt skinBurned too much incense Listening to sad kidsToo much work to make senseCuddle when I can’t staySix AM is too lateOne day I’ll be far awaySay goodbye to this placeDirty hands, dirty feetI don’t care how it seemsIt is... Continue Reading →


Cows are large, simple creatures that don't do much other than grazing and standing around. I've been around cattle my entire life and never thought much about these animals. But when stopping to think about it, there's actually a couple of things that people could learn from simple, grazing cattle: 1 - When cattle are... Continue Reading →

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