Solipsism and Restless Sleep

A bed so comfortable and safe, yet it can’t protect from the dreams that attack during the night from time to time. Haunted by the same person each time, nothing can stop the memories in the weakness of sleep. Am I weak for being so tired? Time and energy are scarce. I tried. I did... Continue Reading →

The Dream worlds Theory

Our reality that we live each day is only 1 of 3 major realities in existence. In other words, our universe is but 1 of 3. The truth is that 2 other dimensions exist. The first other dimension is a prosperous one. It's a world full of everything you, or anyone, has ever wanted. Our... Continue Reading →

A Dream Of End Times

The last remaining humans are living in an old abandoned Walmart. We do not venture outside the warehouse walls. I am here with my pet owl and my mom. A ginormous figure with a powerful voice comes to us, claiming to be God. He is wise and strong and we all believe him. I see... Continue Reading →

Dreams of Isolation

We burn traitors There is no worse offenseLoyalty is lifeNone will ever forgetI don’t want to hateHate weighs down my heart and soulPeople make it hard Work is no funIt takes the freedomI work to earnPaperWhat good is paperIn the middle of NowhereI should workFor myselfNo paperJust produce Just for meAnd my needsMy wantsAnd family Work for meAnd be free... Continue Reading →

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