5 Reasons to Be like Blood

Blood is a life force for all animals. It keeps us going. We are human and we should all strive to be like blood. Be the blood. Here are 5 reasons why: Photo by Pedro Figueras on Pexels.com 1 - Blood circulates. Blood moves around and goes from place to place constantly. It explores the... Continue Reading →

Everything and Nothing (Simultaneously)

I feel like nothingGoing through motionsJust to surviveWe have to keep movingThough what I needIs a day to be the nothing I amTo Barely exist To freely persistInto the black voidWhere I will beOnce and for allThe nothing I feelThis is a dayOf no moving forwardNo moving onAll feelingsPast, present, and future All within in meIn this moment On... Continue Reading →

Exploration Guide and Other Free Stuff

Hey there, My Personal Manifesto - Exploration Guide is finished and free to download: Personal ManifestoDownload I want to explore this Earth and this Life with others. Challenges will come out occasionally and you can subscribe here: Subscribe to immediately receive previous challenges: 90 Day Self Exploration Field Notes A Line in the Sand -... Continue Reading →

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