Day 165 – Finding My Anchors

The storm of feelings is approaching. Sometimes the storm capsizes my sailboat and drowns me in the sea of tears and regret. With my anchors, I will not drown. With my anchors, my boat will remain upright. The more anchors, the better, because some nights the storm rages endlessly until morning sunlight breaks the waves. ... Continue Reading →

Not the Same Wants or Blood

We’re all equal But not all the sameWe’re growing similarWe’re becoming disdain Different is beautiful Diversity is wiseNow the collectiveMelts into our minds I know what I wantAnd hate what I needDespite the long yearsYou’re all I can seeIs this a disease?A tortuous evilHaunted by memoriesOf love unequal Could it be you?Could I be right?What I feel Is never wiseIf I... Continue Reading →

Twelventures #2 – Love and Sharpees

I love himHe loves herShe loves anotherThat one is marriedHe has kidsThe kids have no motherThe mother loved a manHe loved anotherNo one lovesThe same personNothing is mutualNot foreverThey loved each otherUntil one dayHe said “I love you no more”She found anotherShe didn’t loveShe broke his heartHe loved herShe used himBecause she was lonely He’s a mess... Continue Reading →

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