Day 247 – Reminiscing

It’s afternoon in the middle of winter. The air is crisp and dry and the wind is blowing, creating a chill impossible to escape, but the sun is out. From inside, the day looks beautiful but outside it feels frozen. She bundled up in her warmest winter coat and slid on a knitted beanie with... Continue Reading →

Day 233 – He Was Condemned

He slowly paddles through the black water until he reaches the pier. He’s alone - entirely alone. It’s a dark rotting ghost town. Please download my FREE brief book about a battle with bulimia: StaticDownload Freedom Tank Always Searching Rash Guard Sunset Tee Please download my FREE brief book about a battle with bulimia: StaticDownload... Continue Reading →

Day 6 – Creating Worlds of Fantasy

Writing is a way to make fantasy worlds a reality. It provides a means to accomplishing the childhood dreams that become less possible as we grew up.  As a child, the imagination is so vivid and unregulated. Zero constraints, no rules of reality, no physics, no logic - just pure freedom to think and create... Continue Reading →

A Downside to Royalty

A kingdom far away A marriage arranged Between a cocky young prince And a girl made to change “Be more feminine” they’d say Slowly she conformed And was sold to the king To marry his son She was princess Daisy He was Prince Dom And though it was forced They fell for each other She... Continue Reading →

The Strength of the Mother

Waiting for the helicopter, Jake was reminded of the time he had torn his ACL back in high school. He was a junior and dreaded each football game. He hadn’t been sad he would miss the rest of the season that year.  He held his hands over the makeshift tourniquet and pressed down with firm... Continue Reading →

The Wings of New (530 Word Story)

Barbara has seen three gruesome wars and multiple economic depressions. She had witnessed decades of societal changes and dozens of presidential races. She watched friends around her slowly wither away until death overcame them. She lost her husband to cancer. She had even watched two of her sons take their own lives.  Through it all,... Continue Reading →

Letter From the Plane

And so the day begins - on a plane with a giraffe. Yeah, it’s a tall plane. Things are a little lax nowadays. It’s not as intense as it used to be so they even let the pet giraffe come. Dragon is happy about it. Ironically he hates heights, though. He just likes to be... Continue Reading →

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