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A few weeks ago there was a mishap in my world. I wrote a quick story about it along with some artwork. Please check it out - it's free and doesn't include any gory pics. If you'd like to see the gruesome images, email me. Never bring fingers to a tooth fight never-bring-fingers-to-a-tooth-fightDownload

30 Day Motivation Challenge

I've been struggling with motivation issues lately in every aspect of life - working out, writing, self care, etc. So I wrote out this challenge for myself to build my personal motivation. You can download it at the bottom of this post if you are having issues like me. Hang in there! Motivation does exist... Continue Reading →

Exploration Guide and Other Free Stuff

Hey there, My Personal Manifesto - Exploration Guide is finished and free to download: Personal ManifestoDownload I want to explore this Earth and this Life with others. Challenges will come out occasionally and you can subscribe here: Subscribe to immediately receive previous challenges: 90 Day Self Exploration Field Notes A Line in the Sand -... Continue Reading →

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