Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is the shortest day of the year - or the longest night. It’s not something I’ve ever celebrated. I’m a child of summer and dread the upcoming winters. However, this year I wanted to respect the cycle of our planet regardless of my dislike of the cold weather. The winter solstice marks... Continue Reading →

‘Game of Thrones’ Haikus Part 2

A head on a spikeFrom a murder out of spiteNo one can surviveTravel to the SouthYou won’t see your friends againThere your life will endSpeak highly of himHe’s your king and he has spiesHe kills and he lies

The Wall Has Fallen

Before the night ends // he’ll come for us all He’ll arrive with troops // the dead hear his call They rise from the ground // barely bone and flesh To bring on the night // our watch now begins Men saying goodbyes // children hide below Hear the mourning cries // leaving food for... Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones Haikus

They remember himThe mad king that burned them allAlways infamousThe North and the SouthMen always fight for the landIt belongs to noneAn army of deadOf ice, stone, and pale blue eyesThey kill and they takeWars rage and blood poursFor a throne of melted swordsAll dead for nothing

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