When Life Gives You Mega Zucchini…

As a novice gardener, I did not know my zucchini vegetables would grow out of control if left unchecked for a few days. Oh well. Live and learn, as they say. Who’s “they” anyway? Say “hello” to Zeke We created a new friend and juiced some of Zeke’s brothers and sisters. We also got a... Continue Reading →

Another Week of Clouds

Here we go againAnother week aheadNo one understandsI'm ready for the endIt's not like I thoughtThe system is wrongThese kids need moreBut I will be gone You can subscribe to my email list below. I solemnly promise not to blow up your inbox. At most, you'll receive one email every couple weeks with free downloads... Continue Reading →

Sun, Summer, Dying Plants and Bike Crashes

Sleeping without alarmsWearing PJs all dayNowhere to goNo work and all playThe life is summerIt’s the life we needLaid back and lazyNo fights, no greedShe watered the plants but everything diedWhat does it take for a seed to survive?She loses motivation every timeIs there a cure to keep hope alive?My blood’s all over the pavement There’s... Continue Reading →

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