274 -An Insightful Meditation

Perhaps it’s time I stopped asking and started listening. I thought I knew what I wanted, but I actually have no clue. I want abnormalities, but I suppose those can come in all sorts of boxes. I basically want to be happy and not spending my life forcing myself to go to a job I... Continue Reading →

Fireworks Give My Dogs Anxiety

Drain the ocean to discover the beasts belowWhat swims in the deepest of trenches, no one knows Maybe we’re not meant to make everything known When we have all the answers we will be aloneHappiness is one thingAnd content is anotherAre both lives possible?Or are we cursed to wonder?Be a bright star in a sea of shadeA... Continue Reading →

12 Major Destroyers of Happiness

Happiness is often hard. But why is such a simple concept so difficult to achieve for most of us? Why do we spend most of our time so incredibly unhappy? For most people, the reasons causing unhappiness vary. However, here are 12 major destroyers of happiness that we're all guilty of utilizing everyday. Sometimes we... Continue Reading →

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