Dreams of Isolation

We burn traitors There is no worse offenseLoyalty is lifeNone will ever forgetI don’t want to hateHate weighs down my heart and soulPeople make it hard Work is no funIt takes the freedomI work to earnPaperWhat good is paperIn the middle of NowhereI should workFor myselfNo paperJust produce Just for meAnd my needsMy wantsAnd family Work for meAnd be free... Continue Reading →

Hope and Hate

A piece of youBecame a partOf meBut then you lost That piece of youI lovedAnother youReplaced the oldGoodbyeNever the sameMy piece of youHas died You startedA warWhy are you Surprised That peopleHave diedDon’t pretendTo cryOnly warThat countsIs the warInsideForget KingsAnd queensWe are freeTo fightWe must go onWith hope or hateBoth are cruelBoth breed fateOne will kill usThey are the... Continue Reading →

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