Day 42 – Digging Out of My Late-Night Hole

I want to cry sometimes It’s not right I’ve lost my fight To search for life I always tried Too hard at times I was never fine Life was never mine But here I am Alone in bed Thinking of the end Without a friend My soul will transcend This world is damned No life... Continue Reading →

This is Why You Are The Sun

Metaphors for human life exist all throughout nature - if we take the time to observe and compare. Seeing the parallels between your life and the lives of creatures and natural phenomenons all throughout the universe will help you feel connected to something greater than the modern, manipulated society. This post will discuss the similarities... Continue Reading →

12 Factors that Do Not Define Your Worth

There's a lot of misleading information out there today that leads us to feel that our lives are meaningless. It's difficult to know how truly valuable you are when negative messages surround us. Regardless of what the media, social media, celebrities, magazines, or any other form of advertising say, here are 12 things that absolutely... Continue Reading →

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