280 – How to Light a Soul on Fire?

Soulscape focuses on what we DO instead of what we have. It searches for enlightening experiences and not objects. This little guy looks enlightened. He also looks slightly annoyed. In this aspect we can really learn from animals or small children. They want their basic needs met and other than that, they just want to... Continue Reading →

Chasing Arrows

Chasing arrows across fields of greenSearching the sands for broken dreamsIt was pulled back with no great easeA struggle to charge, relief to releaseIt was a beauty, soaring in the skyWatching it rise, feeling it flyA drastic fall to the eager earthOne glorious moment, then death in dirt You can subscribe to my email list... Continue Reading →

Surgical Tumor Dream

Patient suffered from a large tumor on her left knee. She went to the private surgeon, an oral surgeon secretly specializing in removing alien infections. The nurse/ dental assistant/ surgical tech actually does all the work. Her name is Gayla.┬áPatient lays on the metal table with a sheet covering her body. Gayla lifts the sheet... Continue Reading →

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