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12 Alternatives to Anger Outbursts

The monstrous beast of anger is not a force that can always be avoided. After all, we’re only human, and anger is a natural emotion. A lot of us bottle anger up until we head straight into a breakdown when it all comes crashing… Continue Reading “12 Alternatives to Anger Outbursts”

This is Why You Should Keep a Journal

There are many good habits to take advantage of in order to make more out of life, and journaling is one of them. Here are 12 reasons why everyone, regardless of age, gender, social status, etc. – should keep a journal: 1 – Journaling… Continue Reading “This is Why You Should Keep a Journal”

Noxious Flowers, Aliens, Insanity

You can subscribe to my email list below. I solemnly promise not to blow up your inbox. At most, you’ll receive one email every couple weeks with free downloads and updates. You’ll immediately get to download a few freebies like the 90 Day Self… Continue Reading “Noxious Flowers, Aliens, Insanity”

3 Hard Lessons from Never Getting Closure

Closure, when referring to relationships, is bringing the connection to a close. It’s the conclusion to feelings, memories, and time spent together. Maybe feelings go on and memories pop into the head for months after the closing, but closure means peace has come to… Continue Reading “3 Hard Lessons from Never Getting Closure”