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12 Life Mistakes We All Make

Life isn’t easy and we all fall short in various ways in being who we’ve always wanted to be. Our lives will never be picture perfect scenes of joy, happiness, and a lack of issues. That’s just not the way the universe works for… Continue Reading “12 Life Mistakes We All Make”

12 Factors that Do Not Define Your Worth

There’s a lot of misleading information out there today that leads us to feel that our lives are meaningless. It’s difficult to know how truly valuable you are when negative messages surround us. Regardless of what the media, social media, celebrities, magazines, or any… Continue Reading “12 Factors that Do Not Define Your Worth”

This is Why Kids are Smarter than Adults

Kids are less educated, less developed, and less experienced than adults. Yet, they are far more intelligent. Here are 12 reasons why: 1 – Children have no concept or concern of money. Money is all we worry about as we grow up – we… Continue Reading “This is Why Kids are Smarter than Adults”

This is What Super MARIO will Teach You About Life

Through the years I’m sure we’ve each had the pleasure of playing some version of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Originally released in 1985, this game is based on a plumber trying to save a princess from an evil creature. The plumber travels through unique worlds,… Continue Reading “This is What Super MARIO will Teach You About Life”

This is Why Pets Are Better Than Friends

Loneliness can be a harmful feeling for anyone across all walks of life. Most of the time when loneliness hits, the first thought is that it might be a good idea to go out and meet new people or form new friendships. However, sometimes… Continue Reading “This is Why Pets Are Better Than Friends”

Hard Truths from ‘Of Mice and Men’

Of Mice and Men is a novella by John Steinback and was released in 1937. It’s a story about a pair of men traveling and looking for work, dreaming of owning their own land. Here’s what this book taught me about life: If something… Continue Reading “Hard Truths from ‘Of Mice and Men’”

4 Reasons to Be Like the Sun

What is life without the sun? Life would not exist if earth werenโ€™t perfectly placed in the sunโ€™s glorious rays. The sun is life, and also a role model. Be like the sun. 1 – The Sun is Bright: Be bright. Be a shining… Continue Reading “4 Reasons to Be Like the Sun”

5 Powerful Insights from Power Ranger Punks

“Power Ranger Punks” is episode 12 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season one. Rita’s minion, Baboo, (who is somewhat a mixture between a vampire and a monkey?) decides to try out his plan to destroy the Rangers. The Rangers play sand volleyball at a… Continue Reading “5 Powerful Insights from Power Ranger Punks”

A Bee to Hold ๐Ÿ

The bee flew in my ear A secret for the day People have it all wrong We want and we take We give no life to those Who look unlike ourselves We know just what we know And send all else to hell If… Continue Reading “A Bee to Hold ๐Ÿ”


Cows are large, simple creatures that don’t do much other than grazing and standing around. I’ve been around cattle my entire life and never thought much about these animals. But when stopping to think about it, there’s actually a couple of things that people… Continue Reading “2 TRUE Life LESSONS FROM CATTLE”