Day 63 – Maybe I’m Nothing

Maybe I’m nothing Nothing special  Never be anything  Worth mentioning  Or remembering  One single glance A ghost of a chance  A joke’s all I am I thought I was a wizard  I’m just a punk pretending  Projecting a facade Everyone’s condescending 

Day 33 – Is the Deed Done?

What is our purpose other than just “being”? I am energy and I am functioning. Does that mean my purpose has been fulfilled? Was it filled before my birth even took place? If so, I should be free from the burden of finding meaning. I am here now, which means my job is done. Right?... Continue Reading →

Day 1 – Choosing a Fate Card

The guidebook for the tarot cards instruct to shuffle the deck and then select cards at random in order to reveal personal insights. Why not just go through and find the cards that align with my goals and shoot for those instead of letting a “random” pick lead me?

Tales of Growing up

There was once a little girl of 3 years. She lived with her family in a small house in a tiny neighborhood. Aside from the girl, the family consisted of a mother, father, a teenage boy, and 2 dogs. The neighborhood was poor, but peaceful, and the trees and flowers were blooming beautifully as springtime... Continue Reading →

the Ghost I Can’t Forget

Some heartbreaks come and go. It hurts for awhile and then the moving on/letting go processes begin to make their way into our lives. The broken heart gains some perspective and starts mending itself.  However, there’s always that ONE person that the brain just cannot seem to forget. That ONE scar on the heart that... Continue Reading →

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