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One Day

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4 Reasons to Be Like the Sun

What is life without the sun? Life would not exist if earth weren’t perfectly placed in the sun’s glorious rays. The sun is life, and also a role model. Be like the sun. 1 – The Sun is Bright: Be bright. Be a shining… Continue Reading “4 Reasons to Be Like the Sun”

If Life Were Like The Walking Dead Comics

The Walking Dead Comics are gruesome and often intense. The zombie apocalypse is something many of us have thought about due to movies, TV, and comics like these. Hopefully this end of the world scenario won’t be coming to light in our lifetimes.  Reading… Continue Reading “If Life Were Like The Walking Dead Comics”


Cows are large, simple creatures that don’t do much other than grazing and standing around. I’ve been around cattle my entire life and never thought much about these animals. But when stopping to think about it, there’s actually a couple of things that people… Continue Reading “2 TRUE Life LESSONS FROM CATTLE”

Life Lessons from Last Christmas (2019)

Last Christmas (2019) is a cute romantic comedy that will make you laugh and potentially cry. I watched it because it stars an actress from Game of Thrones and because I needed something light hearted after watching a horror movie. Romantic comedies aren’t movies… Continue Reading “Life Lessons from Last Christmas (2019)”

12 Perks to Failing at Life

Falling and failing suck. It’s not always fun to make mistakes and screw up. However, it’s not always a bad thing either. Here are 12 good things about falling: 1 – It gives you a change to regroup. Sometimes we need a slap in… Continue Reading “12 Perks to Failing at Life”

12 Important Reminders for Everyday of Life

Thank you for being alive today and living life. No matter who you are and what you are facing in your personal life right now, there are 12 things you need to remember: 1 – You are good enough Nothing else matters. You are… Continue Reading “12 Important Reminders for Everyday of Life”

2 Eye-Openers from the Flat Earth Theory

Last year a kid told me about his theory that the Earth is actually flat, not round. I laughed it off until I listened to a podcast on this very conspiracy theory a few weeks ago. It was then that I realized that this… Continue Reading “2 Eye-Openers from the Flat Earth Theory”

5 Insights from the Official Spartan Field Manual (Part 2)

This is the second half of life lessons pulled from Halo: Official Spartan Field Manual. Once again, please bear with me if you are not a fan of Halo video games. Video games aside, this book is well written and enjoyable. It has vivid… Continue Reading “5 Insights from the Official Spartan Field Manual (Part 2)”

Exploration Guide and Other Free Stuff

Hey there, My Personal Manifesto – Exploration Guide is finished and free to download: I want to explore this Earth and this Life with others. Challenges will come out occasionally and you can subscribe here: Subscribe to immediately receive previous challenges: 90 Day Self… Continue Reading “Exploration Guide and Other Free Stuff”