Day 125 – My Heart’s Not Here

You deserve someone whose heart is in this, whose heart is here. My heart is on a sailboat somewhere, drifting out to see...endlessly wandering. Endlessly searching.  Always Searching Rash Guard Sunset Tee Always Searching Rash Guard Sunset Tee Snow Day Backpack

Day 113 – Hugs

A hug sets me free You are safe You protect from the dark Light in a sea of hungry sharks When we embrace I know I am safe Nothing else matters You’re my force field  That keeps me sane I know I exist I know I’m okay Because if a soul like yours Loves me... Continue Reading →

Day 109 – A Universe Away

Everything sounds muddy Like I’m underwater People talk right to me And I slightly hear them But it’s almost like I’m on a different plane I exist apart from them Apart from their present moment  I am a world apart I am a world alone  I’m so very close to the rest Yet still a... Continue Reading →

Day 103 – Shushing Cries for Help

Instead of being a kid who needed serious help, they said the kid was spoiled and needed to move on. Instead of getting help, the kid was scorned. The kid was crying for help. The adults told the kid to shut up. Everything was the kid’s fault and she wrongly believed these lies for years.... Continue Reading →

Day 98 – Through the Verses

I know it’s wrong  To think this way To want these things  That haunt my brain  Is it my fault? A dreaded curse That I can’t stop It’s so much hurt  The normal thoughts  I long to have A normal mind Without the black  This is so wrong  I push it down  And through the... Continue Reading →

Easter is for Everyone

Regardless of religion, I think that Easter represents a relief from the winter. It’s a rising sun after a long, arduous night. It’s a blooming flower after months of rain. It’s a chance to breathe, pause, and appreciate the beauty of life returning all around. We all need Easter and springtime. We all need a... Continue Reading →

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