Day 87 – Too Much of Too Much

I ate too much  I hate too much I flake too much  I fake too much  I mean so well I go through hell I crashed and fell No lies to tell

Day 82 – God, I am Sick

God, I’m sick Turns and twists Messed up thoughts Quirks and ticks God, I’m sick Make thoughts quit Dream of death Make it end God, I’m sick Sorry to admit That my muse Is a friend  God, I’m sick  Will you know? That the words Are all for show?  Damn. I’m sick My mind is... Continue Reading →

Day 70 – Day 69 WTF?

Day 69 was too much. I was yelled at. (And innocent, might I add) I was called fat. I had to spend a ton of money. I saw a ghost. It could have been worse. Either way, I’m hoping Day 69 doesn’t repeat itself. Life is too short for too many “Day 69s.”

Day 69 – Anxious

Tears are on their way And my stomach is killing me I’ve been here before A familiar anxiety So violent here In between my ears A steady fear Time drawing near

Day 65 – Burn Unit

Back to the burn unit I gave and you used it Boiling hot and fluent Singing the same music “We’re cool, you and I” That same old shady lie As long as I do what you like Use me and pick me dry Honestly, I’m not shocked Still burns to be mocked And used for... Continue Reading →

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