Day 253 – Simulated Reincarnation

Picking a new body for the next cycle of life is a privilege. That’s one of the rights I lost when I was granted 2 consecutive life sentences - not that there’s anything wrong with this body, but I would have preferred something a little less human...maybe something with wings. Is that even possible? Thank... Continue Reading →

Day 247 – Reminiscing

It’s afternoon in the middle of winter. The air is crisp and dry and the wind is blowing, creating a chill impossible to escape, but the sun is out. From inside, the day looks beautiful but outside it feels frozen. She bundled up in her warmest winter coat and slid on a knitted beanie with... Continue Reading →

Day 233 – He Was Condemned

He slowly paddles through the black water until he reaches the pier. He’s alone - entirely alone. It’s a dark rotting ghost town. Please download my FREE brief book about a battle with bulimia: StaticDownload Freedom Tank Always Searching Rash Guard Sunset Tee Please download my FREE brief book about a battle with bulimia: StaticDownload... Continue Reading →

The Strength of the Mother

Waiting for the helicopter, Jake was reminded of the time he had torn his ACL back in high school. He was a junior and dreaded each football game. He hadn’t been sad he would miss the rest of the season that year.  He held his hands over the makeshift tourniquet and pressed down with firm... Continue Reading →

Surgical Tumor Dream

Patient suffered from a large tumor on her left knee. She went to the private surgeon, an oral surgeon secretly specializing in removing alien infections. The nurse/ dental assistant/ surgical tech actually does all the work. Her name is Gayla. Patient lays on the metal table with a sheet covering her body. Gayla lifts the sheet... Continue Reading →

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