Misfit Wolf pack

Misfit Wolf Pack He was neglected And found a lone wolf A she wolf, perhaps As lonely as he He broke from his cage And followed the loner To a better home The other, she was a runt Smallest of the litter Chosen by pity Raised with love She lost her brother And accepted the... Continue Reading →

Wolf Pack Around the House

It was funIt was fastLots of smilesWe’ll be backWe came this wayTo see a placeUnknown to mostNo human claimFour swords in the sandA compromise hand in handPeace comes to the land 

Twelventures #1: At Home

ButterCup Alley:Flowers are pretty. Some say flowers smell nice. Whatever natural beauty the flowers possessis nothing compared to what they representBecauseWhat is a flower but a promise of Spring?With warmer weather and dying diseaseUpcoming storms followed by easeSoon to see summer and a soul set freeBecauseWhat is a summer but time of freedom?Soaking in a sun filled... Continue Reading →

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