Day 124 – Summer is Coming

Dirty feet  Happier days White teeth  Tanned face  Feeling free Feeling safe No disease  And no pain  Always Searching Rash Guard Sunset Tee Always Searching Rash Guard Sunset Tee Snow Day Backpack

Day 109 – A Universe Away

Everything sounds muddy Like I’m underwater People talk right to me And I slightly hear them But it’s almost like I’m on a different plane I exist apart from them Apart from their present moment  I am a world apart I am a world alone  I’m so very close to the rest Yet still a... Continue Reading →

Day 106 – Shadow’s Transformation

The night of the changeBefore the dawn breaksWhen the eyes turn blueBeneath the full moonTransformation trueIt’s long overdueNearly free to roamTo find a new homeGoodbye in the nightForgiving the fightDarkness all aroundIn the midnight howlFrom death comes new lifeThe dark brings new lightA rebirth in dirtBeneath the dark EarthTake back what they tookThe Wandering WolfOcean... Continue Reading →

Day 103 – Shushing Cries for Help

Instead of being a kid who needed serious help, they said the kid was spoiled and needed to move on. Instead of getting help, the kid was scorned. The kid was crying for help. The adults told the kid to shut up. Everything was the kid’s fault and she wrongly believed these lies for years.... Continue Reading →

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