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Everything and Nothing (Simultaneously)

Sea Rim State Park

Twelventures #6 – Rocks and RIding

Twelventures #4 – Back Road Bike Rides

4 Motivations from Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror

For episode 4 of Doctor Who Season 12, we venture to the past and meet Nikola Tesla. Tesla, at the time of this visit, is a struggling inventor. People who live near him ostracize his experiments and protest for him to stop his work….

Twelventures #1: At Home

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3 Humanity Tips from The Island of Doctor Moreau

Published in 1896, The Island of Doctor Moreau is a creepy look into a world of genetically modified creatures. A man stranded after a shipwreck is rescued by a ship headed for a secretive island. Once on the island he quickly figures out the…

Dear God…Where are You?

Up there or not, I write this letter. Perhaps not for any other reason than to vent my thoughts on the subject of You. Because of all the contradictory information and evidence…I still want You. I still feel I need You. So, what’s a…

3 Lessons from being Chased by a Goose

It was a nice, sunny, breezy day and I held my 18 month old niece as we walked the nature trail. We saw many birds and turtles along the way. In one area, we saw a couple of geese hanging out. Geese are beautiful…