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12 Quotes from ‘Jane Eyre’ That WIll Make You Think (Part One)

Charlotte Brontë’s novel, Jane Eyre, is a classic novel released in 1847. It is a beautifully written story about an English girl growing up and discovering where she wants to be in life. Here is a collection of the best quotes from the novel that… Continue Reading “12 Quotes from ‘Jane Eyre’ That WIll Make You Think (Part One)”

Hard Truths from ‘Of Mice and Men’

Of Mice and Men is a novella by John Steinback and was released in 1937. It’s a story about a pair of men traveling and looking for work, dreaming of owning their own land. Here’s what this book taught me about life: If something… Continue Reading “Hard Truths from ‘Of Mice and Men’”

5 Invaluable Insights from Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte gave the world a novel called Jane Eyre in 1847. Even over 150 years later, people continue to read and enjoy this amazing book about a girl growing up, venturing out into the world, and then working for a mysterious host. There… Continue Reading “5 Invaluable Insights from Jane Eyre”