Surgical Tumor Dream

Patient suffered from a large tumor on her left knee. She went to the private surgeon, an oral surgeon secretly specializing in removing alien infections. The nurse/ dental assistant/ surgical tech actually does all the work. Her name is Gayla. Patient lays on the metal table with a sheet covering her body. Gayla lifts the sheet... Continue Reading →

The Wall Has Fallen

Before the night ends // he’ll come for us all He’ll arrive with troops // the dead hear his call They rise from the ground // barely bone and flesh To bring on the night // our watch now begins Men saying goodbyes // children hide below Hear the mourning cries // leaving food for... Continue Reading →

My Personal Curse

My personal curseWriting this verseNo one to read itCould be much worseI could be like youA cruel lying fakeWith petty concernsAnd mistaken faithBut you are no matterI only fight for meConcerned not of othersI accept my diseaseMy personal curseWriting these linesTo be forever unreadAt least it’s mine

Twelventures #2 – Love and Sharpees

I love himHe loves herShe loves anotherThat one is marriedHe has kidsThe kids have no motherThe mother loved a manHe loved anotherNo one lovesThe same personNothing is mutualNot foreverThey loved each otherUntil one dayHe said “I love you no more”She found anotherShe didn’t loveShe broke his heartHe loved herShe used himBecause she was lonely He’s a mess... Continue Reading →

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