285 – Wanting to Take Back Words

A lot of songs talk about things left unsaid. There are far fewer with lyrics about saying too much, wanting to take words back. Words said. Words texted. Words written. Can’t take that back, no matter how much you regret saying or sending them. Said too much. Regret too much. Not sorry. Just bummed sometimes.... Continue Reading →

Day 265 – The Tainted Pastures

Spoiled soils fixed with blood Spilled blood of fallen foes Souls of lost friends with mud Makes wicked ideas grow Thank you for reading and please check out my current books: Tree Leaves in Wolf's Maw: Poetry, philosophy, photography $2.99 on Amazon Static: Prelude to Evolution: Mental illness and recovery staticDownload for Free

Day 106 – Shadow’s Transformation

The night of the changeBefore the dawn breaksWhen the eyes turn blueBeneath the full moonTransformation trueIt’s long overdueNearly free to roamTo find a new homeGoodbye in the nightForgiving the fightDarkness all aroundIn the midnight howlFrom death comes new lifeThe dark brings new lightA rebirth in dirtBeneath the dark EarthTake back what they tookThe Wandering WolfOcean... Continue Reading →

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