Day 106 – Shadow’s Transformation

The night of the changeBefore the dawn breaksWhen the eyes turn blueBeneath the full moonTransformation trueIt’s long overdueNearly free to roamTo find a new homeGoodbye in the nightForgiving the fightDarkness all aroundIn the midnight howlFrom death comes new lifeThe dark brings new lightA rebirth in dirtBeneath the dark EarthTake back what they tookThe Wandering WolfOcean... Continue Reading →

Day 43 – Head Hauntings

Do you believe in ghosts? Not the kind of ghosts that haunt from the dead, but the kind of ghosts that won’t leave your head. They penetrate your every thought while laying in bed and make you regret every word you’ve ever said.  I’d rather deal with the dead head on instead of facing these... Continue Reading →

Day 16 – Adapt and Overcome

We breathe oxygen because that’s what our planet gave us to survive on. It’s not the other way around - we weren’t given oxygen because we needed it. We evolved to breathe oxygen because that’s what was available.  So life on other planets might not breathe oxygen at all. They would have evolved to breathe... Continue Reading →

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