Day 16 – Adapt and Overcome

We breathe oxygen because that’s what our planet gave us to survive on. It’s not the other way around - we weren’t given oxygen because we needed it. We evolved to breathe oxygen because that’s what was available.  So life on other planets might not breathe oxygen at all. They would have evolved to breathe... Continue Reading →

Sounds Of the Soul

The laugh - that sweet, soft, soul stopping laugh that could melt even the hardest of hearts. When you see it coming and hear its tunes, you won’t be able to stop the smile from overtaking your expressions. No one - not the coldest, saddest, or cruelest of humans can resist the chuckle of the... Continue Reading →

Catdog Ups and Downs

Black and White flowersOpinions growing sourChanges day by dayMy mood and the hourUps and downs aroundLove and hate surroundFeelings come and fadeA heart that's lost and found You can subscribe to my email list below. I solemnly promise not to blow up your inbox. At most, you'll receive one email every couple weeks with free... Continue Reading →

Wolf Pack Around the House

It was funIt was fastLots of smilesWe’ll be backWe came this wayTo see a placeUnknown to mostNo human claimFour swords in the sandA compromise hand in handPeace comes to the land 

Dear Rescue Pet…Thank You

Years ago I walked into the shelter expecting to find a furry companion. That room full of animals was overwhelming and heartbreaking. I found myself wanting to grab every furry soul in the room. Soon, I made eye contact with you. You were odd and alone, not following me around like the others. You sheepishly... Continue Reading →


Seriously, where the hell did you come from? I was minding my business, going to work, doing my daily routine and then you swoop in and shut EVERYTHING down. Joke's on you, COVID-19. I'm a homebody. I've been reading up a storm lately. I've been spending quality time with my pets. But here's the thing... Continue Reading →

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