The Witch in the Woods

The witch in the woodsStay away and you’ll be safeEvil hides insideBroken down cabinDeep within the wooded landOff the beaten pathCuriosityIs what the woods witch wishes Brave stupidityThose who wander inNever make it out againShe will always feast

One Long Night

This is ItThis is the EndThis is where we DieWe fought hardWe had no chanceNo one could surviveThe Night CameThe Dead AttackedNowhere left to HideWe knew itThe end was nearAt least we did try

Craving The Parallel

There’s a parallel universeA similar storyA closely matched worldI search with furyOne difference remainsOne little thingA tiny minor significant changeYou love me the sameI know this worldIt exists in my dreamsI’ll find it one dayA world for you and meWhere I can go see youGo to your houseHangout all summerNo one finds outIt’s only our... Continue Reading →

Eternal Names

Not dying todayWon’t matter anywayIf it’s all the sameI’ll just fade awayI come and I goJust like my parentsAnd theirs before themAll is apparentWe come and we goEven if we live todayTomorrow we dieWe’re all the sameWill we leave a markBy words we sayOr actions we takeSo our names never fade

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