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Everything and Nothing (Simultaneously)

Game of Thrones Haikus

Sea Rim State Park

Twelventures #6 – Rocks and RIding

Dear Stray Dog…Follow Me

You’re free to follow me home. I won’t scream, kick, or chase you away. In fact, I’ll feed you and love you forever. But you must know, stray dog, if you follow me home, I’m a stray too. Following me will bring you to…

Twelventures #5: ABC’s of Society

Twelventures #4 – Back Road Bike Rides

Twelventures #3: Two Days with Little Leia

Dear Rational Brain…Come Back

It’s one of those nights when you’ve left me to my thoughts without an intelligent filter. I’m weak, tired, and restless. Sleep won’t come to me and all I can do is wonder… I want to run outside and scream and rip the bark…

Twelventures #2 – Love and Sharpees