Day 97 – Promised Myself

I want to talk to you right now, but I promised to stop. Less is more. I have to detach myself. What would I even say if I could send a message? There’s nothing to say - nothing of importance anyway. Nothing relevant. It’s just talking. Rambling. Because I crave a response. Any response makes... Continue Reading →

Day 86 – We Fall for Every Lie

It’s all a game to them. People’s lives, people’s well-being - it’s not their concern. It’s a super massive board game and we’re all just expendable pieces of cheap plastic. You say your candidate is better, but they’re all the same. They are rich, high and mighty on a golden mountain making moves in the... Continue Reading →

Day 77 – The Game We’ve Made

People have turned life into some kind of macro-superficial-pointless game. No one even remembers that we have a choice to NOT play this game. The minute we decide to play their insipid game is the moment we lose. Unfortunately for most, the game begins at birth and we never learn that life exists outside of... Continue Reading →

Day 70 – Day 69 WTF?

Day 69 was too much. I was yelled at. (And innocent, might I add) I was called fat. I had to spend a ton of money. I saw a ghost. It could have been worse. Either way, I’m hoping Day 69 doesn’t repeat itself. Life is too short for too many “Day 69s.”

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