Day 33 – Is the Deed Done?

What is our purpose other than just “being”? I am energy and I am functioning. Does that mean my purpose has been fulfilled? Was it filled before my birth even took place? If so, I should be free from the burden of finding meaning. I am here now, which means my job is done. Right?... Continue Reading →

A Rant About Living A Simple Life

Kindness keeps the world spinning. Compassion is necessary for the survival of our species. Compliments are free and simple. And it’s okay to give one to yourself from time to time. Do you love someone? Make sure he/she knows it. Are you sorry about something? Swallow your pride and apologize.  Unhappy? Change it. Sad? Find... Continue Reading →

One Purpose of Life is Connection

At some point in life, everyone stops to think - what's the purpose of all of this? What is my purpose? Some people engross themselves with this idea of "purpose" and what it means, spending hours studying books of philosophy and journals of existential reasoning. Whatever conclusions we all come to within our personal battles... Continue Reading →

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