Day 94 – Over and Over

Over and over  Fall and fall Try again Never closer To it all Where to begin Before  the next fall

Day 43 – Head Hauntings

Do you believe in ghosts? Not the kind of ghosts that haunt from the dead, but the kind of ghosts that won’t leave your head. They penetrate your every thought while laying in bed and make you regret every word you’ve ever said.  I’d rather deal with the dead head on instead of facing these... Continue Reading →

Sounds Of the Soul

The laugh - that sweet, soft, soul stopping laugh that could melt even the hardest of hearts. When you see it coming and hear its tunes, you won’t be able to stop the smile from overtaking your expressions. No one - not the coldest, saddest, or cruelest of humans can resist the chuckle of the... Continue Reading →

Dear Stray Dog…Follow Me

You’re free to follow me home. I won’t scream, kick, or chase you away. In fact, I’ll feed you and love you forever. But you must know, stray dog, if you follow me home, I’m a stray too. Following me will bring you to an island of lost wanderers. We are misfits thrown from the... Continue Reading →

Dear Rescue Pet…Thank You

Years ago I walked into the shelter expecting to find a furry companion. That room full of animals was overwhelming and heartbreaking. I found myself wanting to grab every furry soul in the room. Soon, I made eye contact with you. You were odd and alone, not following me around like the others. You sheepishly... Continue Reading →

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